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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 25, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- widespread damage after a tornado outbreak. homes and buildings leveled overnight. people inside a collapsed starbucks surviving after getting in the bathroom. plus a hurricane named late last night. rescuers in digging through piles of rubble after a powerful earthquake trying to rescue any survivors beneath. survivors are now being piled from the debris. donald trump ramping up the rhetoric against hillary clinton calling her a bigot overnight. and watch as bullet fly as a restaurant, customers forced to duck for cover. police say it's actually a waiter firing that gun.
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good thursday morning. we begin with breaking news, major damage in the midwest after powerful tornadoes touched down. >> the line hit first in indiana and then moved over to ohio late last night. one of the twisters as you can see, picking up a barn there, as it tore through a rural area near tornado. what's left of a starbucks, completely flattened. luckily everyone inside was able to taken cover. kenneth moton continues our storm coverage. >> reporter: tornado emergency in indiana. >> we headed for the basement and it was crazy. >> reporter: this morning, residents are getting a better look at the mass destruction just outside of indianapolis. at least eight twisters were
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weather for us. >> roofs torn off apartment buildings. homes and neighborhoods obliterated. vehicles tossed by toys. >> a lot of power outages throughout the city. >> reporter: students took cover in school hallways. customers and workers in this now-flattened starbucks survived in a bathroom. this safety in his home just in time. >> it jerked the door out of my home. >> reporter: a one-two punch for the heartland. in iowa, flooding after 8 inches of rain fell. the men of the luther college football team left the field to help their neighbors. >> making sure their possessions were safe. it was kind of easy to do.
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another weather note, the storm known as gaston is now a hurricane. the third hurricane of the season. it's not expected to threaten land. but 1,000 miles southeast of miami there's another system that we're looking at. forecasters say it could be a risk to south florida this weekend. now to italy where the search is intensify for survivors of yesterday's earthquake. >> the death toll from the quake rose three-quarters of the dead discovered in and around two of the three affected towns. firefighters spokesperson said crews are still hopeful they'll find people alive. this is a live picture of amatrice there. you can see that small historic town, hard-hit there. jennifer eccleston is following the developments. >> reporter: good morning,
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would increase due to the large number of missing people. but this is still a rescue operation and those teams digging throughout the night. many of them on the job for more than 24 hours. with bulldozers and bare hands, rescuers working feverishly. as the death toll rises this morning, there are amazing stories of survival. a 10-year-old girl pulled from the rubble 17 hours after the quake hit. shell shocked and covered in dust, but alive. this man speaking to an 80-year-old woman pinned under a collapsed building. he tells her to stay calm. that woman eventually saved and brought to a hospital to are cover. terry moran is in amatrice. >> one of the dogs seemed to
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they put a listening device. >> reporter: this drone video over the town showing the devastation, churches, homes and shops leveled by the tremor. the before and after pictures of main street a grim testament to the destruction. new video this morning showing the moment that powerful earthquake hit. this traffic camera at a toll booth shaking vi the quake unleashing 150 aftershocks. rescue operations are under way across three italian provinces. in some of those towns for the survivors they're now homeless, spending last night outside under donated blankets. kendis and diane. >> jennifer, the u.s. mission to italy just issued a statement to
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from that region understandably, what are we learning about any american casualties? >> the state department say they're unaware of any deaths. but they instruct all u.s. citizens to check in not only with their families but also make immediate contact with the american embassy. >> jennifer there for us live in london. great to hear some at least survivor stories. now to afghanistan and that deadly siege at the american university in kabul. it's finally over, at least 12 people were killed in the attack. some imagined to escape. bombs were detonated and guns fired. at least two of the attackers are dead. at least 700 students were evacuated from the school. u.s. navy is calling an
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and u.s. destroyer unsafe and unprofessional. it came within 300 of the u.s. vessel. it's the most recent in several incidents of iranian ships of taunting u.s. ships in the persian gulf. now to "your voice, your vote." and the latest name-calling on the road to the white house. >> donald trump has new assault on hillary clinton labeling her a bigot as he tries to appeal to minority voters. >> hillary clinton is a bigot. who sees people of color only as votes not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> clinton immediately fired back telling cnn last night that
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bigotbig bigotry pair paranoia. >> he's taking a hate movement main stream. >> we can expect to hear much more on this issue. hillary clinton is set to deliver a speech in nevada today aimed at linking donald trump to the alternative right movement often associated with white nationalism. >> trump not only one getting a lot of attention for what happened at that rally last >> take a look at this woman standing behind trump as he made that comment when he called hillary clinton a bigot. her eyes widespread. gifs and memes online. >> it's a trump rally, you know to expect the unexpected. still ahead -- two bird
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biggest airport. and a dramatic shooting at a restaurant. hear why the waiter opened fire.
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z22t7z zy6z y22t7y yy6y it's a big concern in aviation, two flights were struck by birds and just hours apart. these strikes happened yesterday at new york's jfk airport. a flock of birds hit a singapore airline flight. both flights ended without
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an investigation is under way this morning after a woman fell to her death on a zipline course. the 59-year-old woman was at the go aep treetop adventure in delaware when she fell 40 feet. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. there's more pressure this morning on a major drug company after a massive price increase on epipen they're mylan pharmaceuticals to bring down the cost. they jacked up the price 400%. mylan ceo blamed the increase in part on obamacare. the amount of ice in starbucks cold drinks. he sued the chain the use of too much ice misleads customers on the drink size.
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person knows that a drink includes ice. here's an x-ray of her hands. those circles are microchips. she can unlock doors without using a key. kind of like the force. she can access her computer without a password. problem solved. >> i kind of feel like i have the force when i walk supermarket and the doors open. coming back -- more trouble for hope solo. and going viral, a soccer team's trick that got this
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artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. this morning we're tracking severe weather in the center of the country. radar shows storms moving toward the chicago area. >> and those storms will make for wet roads from the midwest down into the plains. showers as well and storms are also possi up to colorado and montana. if you're flying, you can expect airport delays in chicago and kansas city. a massachusetts judge is facing backlash over the sentencing of a teen in a sexual assault case. >> apparently that judge ignored recommendations for prison time and thousands want him to pay with his job. abc's linzie janis with more. >> reporter: thousands of online petitioners are calling for the
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sentenced 18-year-old david becker to probation instead of prison time after he was charged with sexually assaulting two classmates. in a plea hearing in june, the judge siding with becker's lawyer who argued that becker had already suffered due to his actions. he was arrested in april after two 18-year-old girls told authorities that had drinks. they woke up separate becker assaulting them. he was often wear one of them was sleeping. linzie janis, abc news, new york. some customers in a texas steakhouse got quite a scare after gunfire erupted after serving. the waiter was put in a head lock by an unhappy customer.
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customer with assault and the waiter with unlawful carry of a weapon. major health headline this morning, a new study adds to research that ties obesity with your risk to cancer. previously linked being overweight to five types of cancer. after years of data, scientists are linking at least eight more cancers to excessive weight gain. they include, stomach cancer as well as liver, galbladder, pancreat pancreatic. hope solo will be on the sideline for a while. the u.s. soccer organization has suspended her for six years after she called sweden a bunch of cowards. the u.s. soccer call her comments unacceptable. solo said she's saddened by the federation's decision.
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especially when you take a look at this highlight of a walk-off. >> here are our guys at espn. good morning. "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett neil e everett. >> let's start here in l.a. john cueto and the giants, justin turner, gone. cueto. turn turn turner. cueto had a no-hitter going until that hit. pitched well, six innings, five hits. nothing earneded. joe blanton to the wall. not enough from crawford. dodgers in the end. how about red is sox and a's. boston and toronto, in chase for
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ortiz, oldest player with a 30 home run season. to the 7th, he drops the ball. luke maily scores and the red sox go down 4-3. both these races are going to go down to the end. >> yes. >> back to you. up next in the pulse -- a sea of red bags and mixup for olympians. the science behind the sneeze, proof that you should really cover your mouth.
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? time to check the pulse, starting with an olympic-size headache you might say at baggage claim. >> when britain gave athletes matching red luggage. the olympian tweeted, mine's the red one. >> alex gregory said, anyone seen my red bag? >> some saw the tas collecting their luggage more daunting than the games themselves. we're about to show you why you should cover your nose and your mouth when you sneeze. this is what it looks like in slo-mo. not moisture and air shooting from your face. those large droplets they can land up to 6 feet away. the smaller ones more than 25 feet.
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respiratory infections easily hop from person to person. keep them to yourself. >> yes, please. you have to do the elbow move. >> coaches want their players to use their heads. soccer coaches more than others. >> at syracuse university, that liam callahan in the middle, the other and then this -- right into the garbage can. they all celebrated like they won the world cup. >> callahan will be on "good morning america" to tell us how all of that worked out.
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it's 4:27 and good morning on this thursday. our rain chances will continue to be average. fry sunshine for of the day. of course we still widen out the shot with the northeast flow that flies out as we continue to see this very disorganized tropical wave. question, there's a lot of thunderstorms involved here. interestingly enough, we have a tropical wave with tropical storm force winds, which would
4:28 am
designation. the problem is, we have the 45 but we have the 45 south. so we need that thunderstorm to wrap around the circulation and then you have the tropical depression or storm. hurricane hunters will be in there all day to give us continuous fixes on whether this will get better organized. i don't think it will. over the next few days, that light through friday and into the weekend. it happens as the models diverge here. this is the window of opportunity. if this will be a selling impact as far as wind, this is where it will happen and head into florida. the models will have a very hard time. a lot of them will think where is this thing, up here, over here? that's why you get this low- confidence forecast. anyone who tells you they know what will happen after it makes
4:29 am
is a big guess. one of the models, look at this. can you find the low? very disorganized and heading into the bahamas this weekend with heavy rain and becoming increasingly clear at least for us that we'll get good pockets of tropical moisture out of it at least perhaps with wind. average rain chances for now as we continue with this northeast flow. clock wos unusual. we'll get plenty of sun early. the north east winds continue to fire east of us towards the beaches heeding into the evening hours. then we'll see a few pockets of heavier thunderstorms. we'll watch that closer for you as temps get back into the low 90s and we'll start off with 80s by the time we get to 10:00 around 86 degrees. then low 90s between 1:00 and 4:00. things winding down once again at 7:00. we'll have more on the extended forecast coming up on abc
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: keep watching here. do you recognize this man? usf police want to talk to him about a flasher on campus. we'll show you a closer look coming up. >> the campaign trail could get ugly. what's happening off the trail could be much worse. how a dog's death in texas could be connected to good morning, i'm dan shafferp. >> good morning, i'm deiah riley. florida highway patrol says neville givings was crossing the highway in a mobility scooter when an suv hit him. he died. a pinellas county detective is expected in court. javier williams was hiding in his father's house when detectives showed up to arrest


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